Deadpool 2: Will Russell Crowe Play Cable?

Since various details about the new Deadpool movie are still kept under wraps and casting has not been completed yet, there’s room for numerous speculations regarding the upcoming sequel development. One particularly intriguing question is without a doubt the following: who will take on the role of Cable?

There’s already a long list of actors who might be chosen to play this character, including Stephen Lang and Keira Knightley. And now there is one more name to add to this list – Russell Crowe.

This possibility was revealed by Rob Liefeld, the Deadpool creator alone. Namely, a few days ago, Liefeld posted on his Twitter account that, in his opinion, Russell Crowe should read for Cable in Deadpool and X-Force. The actor, though seemingly slightly insulted for being asked to audition for the part, still did not say no to this. Liefeld then tweeted back offering an apology and asking Crowe once again to think about it.

You have to admit, watching Russell Crowe as Cable would be great, right? Let us remind you of his rather successful performance as Jackson Healy in “The Nice Guys” (2016), where he plays the unethical enforcer who is a real curmudgeon. Judging by that role, we can say he could be trusted with that of Cable, as well. In addition to this, we can say that the relationship between Healy and Holland March (played by Ryan Gosling) in “The Nice Guys” is analogous in a way to the relationship between Deadpool and Cable, so Crowe should have no trouble handling this task.

Perhaps Russell Crowe would really be the one to play Cable after all, who knows. Until Ryan Reynolds and the rest of the crew decide to make an official announcement, we can only keep guessing. Anyway, follow us for more details and new info about the highly-anticipated sequel.