Deadpool and Best Picture Nomination: News and Updates

For the first time in the history, Deadpool movie can be nominated for the best picture at the Academy Awards. After a grand success that it had during the previous year, Deadpool continues to make success after success.

What makes this film certainly so special is the fact that it brings something new to the genre. Being a superhero movie is only one part of that major success. It takes a lot of courage and risk to present something completely new to the audience, for one never can predict their reaction. Up to now, we’ve had third big screen Spider-Man with Tom Holland and our fifth Batman in Ben Affleck. That was the risk those franchises had to take, and we are yet to see how will that end.

However, in the case of a new superhero, the risk paid off as Deadpool earned a large amount of money since the release. A certain award experts actually do suggest that Deadpool could be nominated for the best picture.

And there is, of course, another thing. Money is great, but with this nomination the movie would get on its prestige. That is highly important, especially for a film that delivered such novelties and freshness to the industry.

Hollywood has perhaps been too careful with superhero movies as they wanted to keep the younger ones among their lines, and that is quite understandable, but for that reason, they stayed in the same frame for years. The uniqueness Deadpool has to offer is what it makes it so special and favorite among the audience.

So, even though we are not the experts in the field, certainly many people would agree that Deadpool deserves this nomination.