Deadpool: Cable’s new photos have arrived. Take a look at his new outfit


While waiting for a new Deadpool movie to come out, why don’t we take a look at what we can expect from its characters in the upcoming sequel? More images of Deadpool’s Cable have arrived, and what could be found in them looks pretty amazing. The fans will be happy upon seeing the novelties of their favorite character.

You will be surprised to see how much Cable’s appearance has changed as it has become more mutant than before. In the new photos that have surfaced, we can see Cable in a grey costume with black protectors all over his body. Now we understand the reason why Josh has been working so hard in the gym as this new outfit makes Cable’s body come to the fore.


One month earlier, prior to this new costume update, we had a chance to see one Cable’s photo in which he seems to be infuriated about something as his angry face combined with what suppose to be one hell of a scream manages to break the mirror before him. One of the scariest images of this guy has attracted a lot of attention on social media and has aroused myriads of speculations.

Brolin posted the photo with the caption:

“Oh my God, wait until you see ‘Deadpool’. It’s SO funny!!!” #L2 #cableinsanity #cableswole #cablepowered

Regarding Brolin, his role as Cable was confirmed back in April this year. But his work does not stop here. Apparently, we can expect numerous spin-offs in the foreseeable future as the famous actor signed the contract with 20th Century Fox for the role of the time-traveling assassin.

Cable Porn #💀💩L2 #cableinsanity #cableswole #cablepowered #cableporn

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One spin-off that is certain to arrive is the one concerning Deadpool, and it is said that it will show us the darker side of the X-Men universe. So, we have plenty of things to be looking forward to.