5 Ways to Deal with Male Infertility


Some people reach the point in their lives when they feel ready to have children, and they start actively trying to procreate. You would hope that when someone gets to this stage, that they’ll have enough money and resources to care for a child. Most people also try to have children with a partner since it can be pretty challenging trying to raise a baby on your own.

However, some individuals or couples realize that getting pregnant is not going to happen as easily as they might hope. Certain couples or individuals try for weeks, months, or even years, and it just doesn’t seem to happen for them.

At that point, most of them go to see a fertility doctor. These doctors know a lot about human reproduction and the issues that can impede it. They’ll run tests on both the man and woman to try and ascertain where the problem lies.

If the woman seems fertile, but the man has infertility issues, he might feel discouraged. If you’re in this situation, you can handle the problem in a few different ways. Several fertility treatment methods like the one at Cryos can help you fight against infertility. These can be natural ways such as a healthy lifestyle, yoga, nutritional supplements, or acupuncture. But if those do not have the desired effect, you should try medication or surgical procedures. Let’s look at some of those right now.

You Can See if the Fertility Doctor Can Help You


Many men who have infertility issues try to get doctors to help them. For instance, the RMA network can help with male infertility, and there are some other excellent choices as well.

Fertility science is much more advanced than it used to be. We’re at a point where even males who struggle to conceive have several courses available to them. The doctor will likely look at factors like overall health, stress, weight, alcohol consumption, and also more specific underlying medical causes.

You’ll need to have the money to pay for these treatments and doctor visits, some of which can get expensive. Still, you ought to be in a financial position to pay for them, or else you probably should not bring an infant into the world anyway.

You Can Look into Adoption

If you look into male infertility causes and your doctor identifies one of the rare conditions where it’s virtually impossible for you to impregnate a partner through conventional means, you can also consider adoption. Adopting a child is one of the best things you can do from a societal standpoint since there are always far too many unwanted infants in the world.

You’ll have to talk about that with your partner. If they’re okay with it, you can move forward and look into some babies and small children in your area.

At first, this might not seem like an ideal solution, but your partner might be okay with it. If you adopt a child, the woman with whom you want to conceive will not have to go through pregnancy, and some women like that idea. Pregnancy is seldom easy, and some women will jump at the chance to welcome a baby or young child into the family without ever having to do it.

You Can Use a Sperm Donor


If you can’t conceive because you don’t have viable sperm, you can also think about using a sperm donor. There are plenty of sperm banks, and your fertility doctor can probably point you in the right direction.

This way, you can have the baby you want, and you can also choose from among different donors. You can probably get an athlete, someone with genius-level intelligence, or some other ideal sperm donor candidate. You never know exactly how genes are going to work and whether the baby you get is going to have those same capabilities, but genetics do count for something.

You Can Decide Not to Have Children


Maybe you and your partner have wanted kids for a while, but perhaps you were only tepid on the idea from the beginning. If you can’t have kids via conventional means, maybe you can discuss not having children.

While some people feel from the time they are very young that they would make fantastic parents, others may not be so sure. The thing is, though, you can either have kids or not, and there is no halfway measure or compromise.

If you decide that maybe it’s best for you not to have children, there are certainly some notable perks that go along with that. If you don’t have kids, you don’t have to spend any money on them. Kids are expensive.

You also never have to go through the diaper-changing phase, the Terrible Twos, or any of the other not-so-great child-rearing aspects. Your friends with children doubtless love them very much, but they’d probably admit their kids can drive them a little crazy sometimes.

If you don’t have kids, you will likely have more disposable income. You can go on vacations, and you never have to worry about finding a babysitter. You will probably have a more active sex life, and you can sleep in on the weekends instead of having to get up to prepare breakfast.

You Can Get a Pet Instead


You might also decide that if kids are not in your future, you can get a pet if you want something cute and cuddly. You can get a puppy or a kitten. These are babies; they just aren’t human babies.

You can rescue a pet from a shelter, thereby doing a good deed. You will thrill the animal by adopting them and giving them a happy life, and that animal can be like your baby. In fact, many people have started calling their pets “fur babies” in recent years.

Whatever you decide, you should know that male infertility is by no means an awful thing. You can more than likely come up with a viable solution and move into a new and satisfying life stage.

Just be sure that if you’re with a partner, they feel okay about what you decide. You two have to both be fine with the decision you make, or else it can lead to problems down the line.