DeAngelo Williams powers Steelers to big road win in Week 1

One of the best, if not the best offenses in the NFL proved to us just how dangerous and sometimes even unguardable they can be. From their QB to their running backs and wideouts, they have it all, and they showed us what they are capable of.

Their starting running back Bell will be back in the near future. But Steelers are not worried, and they shouldn’t be when they have a backup running back like DeAngelo Williams who can easily be a starter on at least 25 other teams. This man was just punishing Redskins‘ defenders all night long. Pittsburgh’s back was given the ball 26 times, and he was able to run for 143 yards and two touchdowns. He was also present as the pass catching backup and has caught six balls for 28 yards.

Maybe the Steelers should turn to him and make him the permanent starter as he is the guy who can clearly be a workhorse back and Bell has shown the inability to stay out of trouble. He has the skill but so does DeAngelo Williams, and he proved it again tonight.

It was just another day at the office for Big Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown. Washington just couldn’t cover Brown who as able to explode for some big plays for huge gains. He did finish with eight receptions for 126 yards and two touchdowns.

Steelers are considered to be one of the biggest threats to New England Patriots in the AFC and it’s hard to imagine them not being able to get at least to the Playoff with the offense so deadly like theirs. And they didn’t even have all of their players available last night. Defenses of the other 31 teams should be prepared for a long night when their missing players return.