Denver Broncos vs. Chicago Bears – Preseason Week 1 Predictions

When we take a look at this game, there are a couple things to watch here. Usually, preseason games don’t have a lot of meaning, but this one will have it because the two teams that are going to play on Thursday have a lot of work to do. On both sides, we will be playing a close attention to the quarterbacks for the two teams and how is that situation developing.

When it comes to the Chicago Bears, they have spent a lot of resources in order to get Mitch Trubisky on their squad. Free Agent market when it comes to the quarterbacks is always thin so they decided that this is the best way to go about solving their QB problem.

Trubisky is going to play against the Broncos and he is going to have a tough time playing against one of the toughest defenses in the league. This is going to be his first test as a pro so that is what Bears are going to monitor.


As far as the Broncos are concerned, they don’t even know who is going to be their starter in this upcoming season. There is going to be a huge battle between Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch. The first battle in this war for the starting position is going to be against the Bears. Both quarterbacks have not really impressed a lot of people in the camp and this is their chance to prove themselves.

The decision won’t be made after this game against the Bears, but whoever plays better is going to have an upper hand in this duel going forward. When we combine this war for the job with the fact that a rookie QB is going up against a veteran defense that is great at what it does, we have no choice but to pick the Broncos to win this game 26:16.