Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs – Week 16 Picks And Predictions

A divisional matchup in which both teams have a lot to play for. This is your typical divisional game at the end of the year with a lot on the line. Denver’s road to the postseason will be tough as they will have to beat the Chiefs and the Raiders. They are out of the Playoff picture right now and need Miami to lose this week to Buffalo.

Kansas City had a great shot at getting that second overall seed, but they lost to the Titans at home last round after jumping out to an early lead. For some reason, they have been awful at home against mediocre or bad squads, but they are getting the job done against good rivals.

Denver is still a more than decent football team. They failed to get into the end zone against the Patriots, and that was their biggest problem. The defense was pretty good against the run and great against the pass. Siemian and his offense will have to play much better if Broncos wants to have a shot at winning this duel.

Arrowhead is a tough place to play at, especially for struggling offenses. The Chiefs will put the pressure on Siemian, and it’s going to be interesting to see what will Denver do on the offensive side of the ball.

We are going to pick the Chiefs to win this match on their home field. They need it just as much as Broncos do, but Kansas is just a better all-around team at this point of the season. KC is expected to take this one 23:17.