Despacito Cover On Calculator – That is Mind-Blowing!


You’ve probably listened to Fonsi’s summer hit at least once, and of course, we are talking about Despacito. Luis Fonsi teamed up with Daddy Yankee this summer to create a huge hit, and that’s exactly what they did. Despacito YouTube video has been watched around three billion times so far, and the song itself broke numerous records. But have you listened to this ‘remix’ of it? We bet you’ll like it.

The summer hit recently received ‘the calculator remix’ and it was published on YouTube by a Japanese channel called ‘It’s A Small World.’

We were amazed when we listened to it for the first time, and we even doubted whether it was authentic or not but we sure concluded that it sounded catchy. Putting all conspiracy theories aside just watch the video and you’ll see that this ‘rework’ actually works pretty well. Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee will be satisfied and proud when they hear it, we guarantee that.

Japanese YouTuber published this video on Friday, and there he played out the whole melody of the song on two AR-7778 calculators. We’d go on to say that this guy is a bloody genius. The clip hasn’t gone viral yet, but 200,000 people have seen it, and we are sure that it will hit million in a day or two.

There was a video on this channel where you could listen to a remix of the same track played on a toy piano. Playing by the ear is no problem for this fellow. That remix also sounded great but this one, this one is mind-blowing.

We’ll leave these videos below so that you can listen to it for yourself. Heck, we’ll even attach the original for those who haven’t listened to it before. If there are any of course.

Enjoy the song and let us know if you liked it! Cheers!