Detriot Lions vs. Green Bay Packers – Week 3 Picks And Predictions

Aaron Rodgers hasn’t looked like the best Quarterback in the NFL. He just might be that, but right now, he isn’t playing like one. Green Bay’s offense is not what it used to be. It can get better and probably will since it’s only been two games and the season is still very young.

After two games on the road, the Packers are ready to return to Lambeau Field where they have been dominant in the past couple of seasons. Lions got the win at Lambeau last year, and that was their first win in Green Bay since 1991. This time around, it’s going to be hard for Stafford and company to pull off an upset. Packers want to get back to winning ways, and anything but their victory will be a big surprise.

Detriot has looked better than most expected to start the season in Week 1, but they have dropped a huge chance to go 2-0 after they gave up that game-winning TD to Mariota and his Titans. That loss put them back in their place. Without Megatron, they are in a transitional season.

Lacy will get going in this game while Rodgers is going to have a pretty good day himself. On the other hand, Stafford is going to be decent, but it just won’t be enough to beat heavily favored Pack in this game.

We expect Packers to display that high-powered offense of theirs, and they should torch the Lions in this match. Aaron will get to start its winning streak as he will lead his team to an easy victory against their divisional rival. Packers win this game 34:17.