Detroit Lions vs. Houston Texans – Week 8 Picks And Predictions

Matthew Stafford is one of the leaders in 2016 MVP race. Looking at his stats and performances, he is one of the most underrated players in the NFL as of right now, and people need to pay attention to what this man does for Lions franchise. This is a Stafford or bust team. It’s either him carrying the squad to victories or them losing if he isn’t performing at a high level.

Texans are pretty shaky right now. Osweiler is off on his throws and often makes bad decisions. He just can’t connect with DeAndre Hopkins as he is always throwing the ball into the double coverage.

Houston is still at the top of their division, but Colts are right behind them. They need to put a string of good performances in order to make it to the postseason.

Detroit is 4-3 right now. Nobody really picked them to make the playoffs, but yet the Vikings and Packers are in their striking distance. Stafford has been balling so far, and he’ll need to keep playing the way he’s been for them to continue this successful story.

Justin Forsett can be a nice addition to this squad, and he made his presence noticeable against the Redskins. It looks like he is their starting running back. Looking at their roster and previous matches we ca agree that Forsett can be one of deciding factors.

This is a tough game to pick, but we will stick with the Lions in this one. Both quarterbacks will make some mistakes making this match even more interesting, but Stafford will outplay Osweiler and Detroit will escape with a 27:24 win.