Devious Maids Season 5: Is the show really going to be cancelled?

As we all know, the fifth season of Devious Maids is supposed to come out soon, and it is going to reveal what lies behind the kidnapping of Marisol. Also, we are also supposed to see Dani’s return to Carmen. However, the news regarding the series abolishment started to circulate around the Internet. Is it possible that the show is going to be canceled?

No specific information has been given by Lifetime when it comes to the sequel. However, its last season was not much of a success if we take a look at the numbers. The demographics result for people from 18 to 49 amounts to only 0.30, and if compared to Season 3, it had a sudden drop to 1.36 million viewers (or 0.46).

However, for all the fans who are fond of the series, Season 4 has left them craving for more. In Season 4 we find out that Gail Fleming was the one who killed Peri. Evelyn and Adrian also made a decision to go separate ways. Rosie told the truth to Spence about being pregnant, but she didn’t say anything about Tucker. And the scene of kidnapping was captivating, the fans are yearning for finding out what is going to happen next.

Sabrina Wind who is an executive producer of the show said that Lifetime hasn’t been announcing anything regarding the future of Devious Maids. But it is expected that more information and the official announcement of its Season 5 could be given during the next month.

What many fans fear though is that the poor ratings of Season 4 will affect the series not having its continuation. Even the last season had only 10 episodes compared to Season 3 which had 13. It was stated that the beginning of the season actually had a good rating, but after each episode, it suffered a drop. It is only left for us to hope that Season 5 will happen and return its former glory.