Dez Bryant Proving His Worth With Monster Performance Against The Packers

Even though the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Green Bay Packers in the Divisional Round, their heads need to be up high. They were led by two rookies and a young and amazing offensive line. Dallas is not going anywhere and will be in the contention for the Super Bowl in many years to come if they preserve current team.

A vital part of their future will also be Dez Bryant. Talk about whether or not the Dallas Cowboys should trade him and get some picks in return has stopped. Every quarterback, especially one that is young and is still developing his skills, needs that guy that can catch the ball outside the numbers. Dez Bryant has proven that he is that man for the Dallas Cowboys.

Yesterday, he was flat out dominant and the best wideout on the field by far, and that includes both teams. Dez had nine catches for 132 yards and two touchdowns. When it was time to make a play, Dak turned to Bryant, threw the ball up and let him make a play. Bryant, who looked like he can catch anything that is thrown at him, made every single play that he could have done in that match. Green Bay Packers defense really didn’t have an answer for him, even when they put two guys on Bryant.

Dallas did lose, but it was a great season for the Cowboys squad. They need to look towards the future, and Dez Bryant has proved that he should be in that picture as one of the most important pieces of this puzzle.