Dez Bryant Says He Wants To Rejoin Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant saga continues. At the moment, once star wide receiver of Dallas Cowboys, is still a free agent after he was released in April. On many occasions, he tweeted his displeasure about how he was handled by America’s Team, but recently he was positive and praised the squad. The latest from him is bit surprising, as he tweeted that he wants to rejoin Dallas franchise.

For many people, Dez is far past his prime, but we are not so sure about that, and he probably has a few more years to give at the highest level. In the previous months, he rejected an offer from Baltimore Ravens and a few other teams, suggesting that he wants to choose wisely and to be in a squad where he will be able to show off his skills.

After his release he heavily criticized Cowboys, but not long after the season started, he slightly altered his tune. One of the reasons is that he still didn’t find a new home, and we are sure that he still loves his former team. On top of that, we did see his messages that praised Prescott and other players, and that could be a way of him saying that he is over with the fact that he was released and is ready to play again. One more thing that we need to add is his latest tweet that clearly pointed out that he wants to rejoin Cowboys.

If we take a look at the performance of Dallas receiver department in first three weeks, we can’t find many things to praise. Prescott was unable to produce big plays, and in most cases, receivers weren’t open for him to have easy targets. The fourth game showed decent progress with a few passes that were perfectly executed, but this was mostly thanks to Zeke who was a constant threat on both ground and in the air. What they need is a receiver that would make a difference on the field immediately, and not to wait for one that will maybe develop in the future. This is where Bryant could be ideal.

One of the problems with Dez might be the way he behaved after being released and his comments about some of the players on his ex-team. If this could be ironed out, we don’t see many obstacles for America’s Team to bring him back. On top of that, we did see Dez and Jerry Jones together on Beyonce concert.

While many think that Bryant has no chances of returning after that messy divorce, we believe that he could be coming back. One of the reasons for this is the fact that Cowboys signed Brice Butler and we know that he also didn’t have many good things to say about the Dallas franchise after he was released. If we take a look at the quality, we are sure that most people would take Bryant over Butler any day of the week.

Would you like to see Dez rejoin Dallas Cowboys?