Dez Bryant Shows How Dominant He Can Be Against The Ravens

There were some speculations about whether or not the Dallas Cowboys should think about trading Dez Bryant as they were winning games without him and Tony Romo. Well, Dez Bryant has been noticeable since he made his return, but it wasn’t until now that we had a chance to see just how good of a weapon this man can be, especially for a rookie quarterback.

When Dak needed to make some important throws in the first half, he looked at Dez Bryant and was trying to find him. The result of that was one big catch over the middle to keep the scoring drive alive in the first half, and then he caught some big-time passes to end the half and put Dallas in field goal range.

While he was keeping the drives alive in the first half, he was the one who was finishing the drives off for the Dallas Cowboys in the latter half of the game. Bryant caught two passes for touchdowns in the second period, and those were the ones that put the Ravens to sleep in the end.

Bryant finished the game with six catches for 80 yards and two scores. He was that go-to guy that every quarterback needs and Dallas needs to see him be as dominant as he was today in the future weeks. This team is playing very well right now, and it’s a good thing that Bryant is trying his best to match Elliot’s and Prescott’s level of performances. We are glad to see when pieces come together so nicely like it happened for Cowboys.