What Is Dez Bryant’s Fantasy Value?


Dez Bryant is one of the most talented and the most gifted wideouts that we have in the game of football today. But, some injuries and things of that nature have prevented him from being on the field game in and game out, showing us what he is capable on that pitch and why the Dallas Cowboys invested big money in him just a couple of offseasons ago.

Two years back, he was one of the best choices for the wideout position in Fantasy football. The year of 2015 was pretty disappointing for the Dallas Cowboys fans, Dez Bryant fans and all Dez Bryant owners in fantasy football as he missed a lot of time with the injury while his team was one of the worst in the NFC. Last year, he did play a little bit more and was very good at the end of the season. It looked like he was in a really nice groove to finish the year and go into the Postseason.


If we are judging him by looking at the end of 2016, we can say that he is still one of the best wideouts in the NFL, probably top 10. Based on that, he has a lot of value and can be at least your number two receiver on the squad, maybe even first if you like to focus on your running backs and a quarterback. If Dez is healthy, he will deliver you a top-four round performance in 2017. But, because of the fact that he might not be available for some games, we are going to drop his value to mid-rounds, probably a fifth round in 10-men or 12-men drafts.