Did John Cena Bury Roman Reigns On Monday Night Raw?

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There are really just a few superstars in the history of the WWE that are quite as good on the mic as John Cena is. There is no question about the fact that he is a great talker. Whatever this guy says, it has a lot of meaning, the story that he is in becomes important, things that he does and say matter. When he is in a ring with the mic, everybody listens, everybody knows that he is going to elevate the fight that he is trying to promote.

This Monday Night Raw we had a chance to see Roman Reigns with Cena in the ring. The Big Dog is really not a great talker, and he had to learn that the hard way. John Cena ripped him to shreds, which is something that officials probably expected. The promo even sounded like a shoot, even though it was probably scripted. Make no mistake about it, there was a lot of truth there.

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Not only from Cena, but from Reigns. But, there is a big difference. The things that Reigns has stated are some of the things that everybody mentions when they are in the ring with Cena. On the other hand, nobody has said these things to Reigns, things that are all truth and something that the fans have always thought of him.

It is going to be interesting what they do with Reigns going forward, but he doesn’t look good now. Cena looks much better which is something that it is not their goal here. Maybe it is too harsh to say that he was buried by Cena. We aren’t going to go that far. Exposed is something that we are going to pin to Roman after this segment on Raw. Not a great position to be in.