Did John Cena Wrestle His Final Match At No Mercy?


In one of the biggest matches of the year, John Cena challenged Roman Reigns at the No Mercy pay per view in a battle that is easily Wrestlemania-worthy. Two of the most polarizing stars ever to show up in the WWE ring have squared off against each other. We kind of expected that this feud is going to go on for a couple of months and that this match wasn’t going to have a decisive winner. But, that is not what happened.

Reigns was booked to win the match and look like somebody that can’t be pinned. Cena gave his all and even used four finishers, but Roman prevailed and won the fight with a single Spear. At the end of the battle, Cena was standing in the ring, looking like somebody that is going to retire as the fans have chanted “Thank You, Cena.” He then walked around the ring, talked and hugged a couple of kids and left the ring.


Is this really the end of Cena?

It’s not. He is not going to retire. But, he is also not going to be a regular on the WWE TV. Hollywood opportunities are calling, and Cena is getting older. This guy now has the status of a legend in the WWE and is going to be a special attraction going forward that will return only to put over big upcoming names and make some blockbuster matches.

He is not going to have a role that Undertaker did have and won’t wrestle just one match a year. He is still a lot younger than the Dead Man and still has a bunch of good performances in him. This was a sign that Cena is really going to take a major step back from the WWE and help guys like Roman get over with the fans.