Difficulties in Obtaining a Gambling License

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What is a gaming license?

Gambling license is a permit which allows the legal operation of virtual gaming platforms. Obtaining this document is a significant step for everyone who decided to run an online casino.

Why is it important?

Launching a gambling website without a permit is nothing less than illegal activity. Those caught doing this can face huge fines or even jail time. One more serious argument is the impossibility to use widespread payment systems and buy official software for your platform for unlicensed operators.

Holding a permit increases the reputation of the virtual casino in the eyes of customers, as many players are afraid to play on illegal websites (and rightly so). The license guarantees security for both parties.

How and where to obtain a license?


The biggest question for gambling operators is what jurisdiction to choose for licensing. Each country has a list of pros and cons of applying for a license there. Nonetheless there are several most popular locations, where requirements for operators are softer and prices lower, than in others places. There are Curaçao, the Isle of Man, Costa Rica, Antigua and Barbuda, Kahnawake and Malta.

What is an operator obliged to do to become a licensee? The list of requirements always depends on the country, but we can call the most common conditions for obtaining a permit.

  • To register an enterprise and open a bank account in the jurisdiction
  • To place all (or at least several) servers in the country
  • To provide detailed and fair info about a company, it’s owners and key employees
  • To show the proof of legal origin of funds
  • To add info about gambling addiction to the website
  • To ensure that the platform complies with AML and KYC policy and that it is no access to it for visitors under 18
  • To provide info about games, offered on the platform
  • To collect all additional required documentation
  • To pay fees

The period for issuing a license may vary depending on the location, but the average term is 2-4 months. The permit validity period is also different for all jurisdictions. Some of them offer long-term licenses and it means that you just need to pay an application fee. Others require licensees to pay renewal fees every year, which can be very costly for a new business.

Now let’s continue with challenges which operators can meet during the application procedure.

What problems can you face while applying for the license?

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  • Endless red tape

It’s hard to imagine how many documents you need to provide to the gambling authority in order to get a license. In addition you need to be very accurate and attentive, because even a small mistake can cost you time, money or the license itself. If you forget to attach something to the application the issuing process may take much longer than expected.

After making a choice with a licensing jurisdiction you should carefully study all that is necessary to prepare for the application. Or in order to definitely not miss anything, you can seek the help of professionals. LicensingAid experts can advise you on the list of required documents, as well as help with their preparation and subsequent submission. Thus, you will not only make your life easier, but also avoid troubles on the way to launching your gaming business.

  • Different gambling legislation and licensing requirements in each jurisdiction

You can’t apply for a permit in several authorities with the similar documentation pack. Each country has its own laws and regulations of iGaming and issuing licenses. That is why the main and most difficult task for the operator is to choose a jurisdiction whose laws and requirements will suit your particular case. And again, the best solution is to entrust this choice to specialists and save your time.

  • High expenses

It’s not cheap to run an online casino. Sometimes costs of licensing can shock newcomers to the industry, but don’t worry. It’s possible to find a solution available for any wallet. Nonetheless, you need to remember that besides the application fee there can be some other mandatory payments like acquisition fee, annual fee, renewal fee and other ones. Also in most countries gambling businesses are obliged to pay taxes and the rates can be very unpleasant for operators.

The Curaçao license is considered one of the most affordable in the industry. If you feel that high expenses can become a big problem on your way to obtaining a license, you can learn more about this island state’s permit.

  • Distrust of newcomers

To obtain a license you need to prove that your platform fulfills all mandatory requirements. It can be difficult for newcomers, because the chance to miss something is very high. At the same time it is important for any regulatory body to be 100% sure of the honesty of the applicants and the transparency of the game mechanisms. When your virtual casino already has a name in the industry it is much easier.

How to facilitate the application procedure?

Licensing Aid specialists may be useful to you at every stage of the application process. Our experts help gambling platforms owners to choose the best jurisdiction, the requirements and legislation of which correspond to the characteristics and goals of a particular business. Then you can get help with the preparation and submission of documents, as well as consult with our lawyers on any issues that arise. In other words, we’ll provide you full support throughout the entire licensing period, thereby saving your time and guaranteeing a quality result.



To recap all above we can say that a gambling license acquisition is a crucial step on the way of opening a virtual casino. After all bureaucracy and expense you’ll be rewarded with the opportunity to legally launch your platform and not worry about problems with the law. However, it’s better to be ready for numerous challenges which you can meet during the application procedure (especially for newcomers to the industry). You can find information by yourself or contact us and get full support.