Director Tim Miller leaves Deadpool 2, faithful fans are concerned

The fans were slightly frightened about the 20th Century Fox’s announcement about the film, Deadpool 2. It’s director, Tim Miller had presently resigned from his post. The film company had already begun searching for his replacement, but the fans are getting utterly concerned about the switch. Will it be able to keep up with the integrity of the entire film now that it will be changing one of its key players? That is the ultimate question that runs in the minds of many people that really loved first part.

It has been widely accepted that no two individuals are exactly alike, even if they are twins. The same idea goes with filmmakers. Just as traditional artists or painters have their own style, so do directors leave their mark in the movie industry. And when it comes to superhero flicks, some directors also have their favorites. Sometimes this can be an obstacle as the flexibility to adapt to different creative ideas is not a possibility or at least not on the desired level. That is why some movie franchises eventually plummet on movie sequels whenever they switch to new film director.

Cinemablend had managed to stock up a list of potential replacements for Tim Miller in the Deadpool 2 production. They had also provided a brief presentation of each director’s previous work in other movie franchises where they had also replaced the head of the production.

Leading the parade is the infamous Joel Schumacher’s takeover of the legendary Tim Burton on the gigantic blockbuster Batman movie series. It was all running well and good with Tim Burton on Batman Forever and its sequel, Batman & Robin. He was able to maintain that gothic energy that this dark Caped Crusader of Gotham City has become so famous about. But Joel Schumacher turned the tide with his own interpretation of the Batman story which had eventually swayed into what seemed like a lame children’s fairytale.

The next candidate is Brett Ratner who took over control of the production of X-Men: The Last Stand. He missed the mark on the portrayal of the Dark Phoenix in this film. Alan Taylor on Thor followed suit with his rookie representation of the Shakespearian play that made the film resemble like the Game of Thrones series which he had directed.

Marc Webb also falls in line for The Amazing Spider-man which he turned into a simple, teenage romance movie out of his experience with a similarly-themed flick. Finally, Richard Lester comes in with Superman III which tarnished the image of the greatest superhero of all time. He almost turned the movie into a satirical comedy.

All these being said about directors taking over each other’s work on various film sequels indeed brings a lot of concern to movie’s faithful audience. Will Deadpool 2 be able to maintain its original beauty now that it is getting a new maker?