Dirt 4 – The Announcement


Dirt Rally was launched in 2016, which is great news for the game enthusiasts, but we are still waiting for the full version of Dirt with new cars, trucks, and buggies. The third installment of this title was released back in 2011, but after the six years of hoping and waiting, the game developer Codemasters officially announced the new Dirt 4 that would be launched in June this year.

The future players can also see a launch trailer in which there is an in-game Fiesta rally car on a dark gravel road as well as the real-life one in a studio. Although the trailer doesn’t reveal almost anything about the actual game, other details have been revealed regardless of the sneak peek video.

So far, we know that there are going to be traditional rally events, as well as the FIA World Rallycross Championship races and we can even expect to see “Landrush” a type of race in which trucks and buggies have a central role. The distinction has to be made between Global Rallycross Championship series in which Scott Speed and Tanner Foust compete and the FIA World Rallycross.

According to Codemasters, the gamers will be able to choose courses from three different countries. Considering that Dirt Rally already booked Pikes Peak and Monte Carlo, the two courses we expect would be North America and Europe.

In addition, the game will come with a new feature named “Your Stage” which will allow players to customize rally stages by setting a number of parameters and locations. This feature will be similar to the track creator in Gran Turismo 5, but in Dirt 4 player will be able to share these courses if they are willing to do so.

Dirt 4 will be launched in June this year, and it will be available on PS 4, Xbox One and PC.