How Disney Princesses Would Look If They Lived In 2017 – Awesome Illustrator

Disney princesses were quite popular, and you certainly remember the time when you enjoyed some of those cartoons for the first time. If you take a look at all those characters, you will immediately notice how much time has passed and that they would look significantly different if they lived in 2017.

For those of you that did think about this and wanted to find out what would be the looks of these princesses, today take a look at these fantastic looking illustrations created by Fernanda Suarez. To be honest, we did already see many similar images, but we need to say that these are among the best and could be considered to be the fairest of them all.

Work of Suarez, talented illustrator from Chile, started all the way back in July when we were able to take a peek at modern Snow White. Her magic didn’t stop there as she continued and delivered a total of seven classic princesses showing how would they look in these modern days.

Stylish princesses that we have here are definitely following Luxury Hair tutorials and are getting their clothes at Forever 21. If they had Instagram accounts, we know that a huge number of selfies would be shown there and that we could see them with their princes. When it comes to various activities, we are sure that marine wildlife, dwarfs, dolphins, and big cats would be on top of the list of species that need to be protected.

As we already mentioned, at this moment, Fernanda Suarez, the genius behind these photos, delivered a total of seven modern iterations of princesses. In case that your favorite one isn’t here don’t worry as the artist is working on producing even more stunning images. There is also a vote for the next princess that will be “modernized, ” and currently Rapunzel and Merida are leading the list with pretty much an equal number of votes.

Check out the amazing pics and comment which one you like most.