Djokovic Will Not Have To Undergo Surgery For His Toes Injury

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First information suggested that the injury is far more serious to heal with only small medical intervention. Reports suggested that Novak Djokovic will have to undergo surgery on his toes. Latest details remove all doubts saying that he will not need surgery which certainly is good as he will be able to recover much faster.

During the US Open final match, we could see Djokovic asking for two almost consecutive timeouts over the same injury, which is not all the way by the rules. But the injury was so serious that his foot started to bleed. Later we could hear Djokovic saying that his nails completely fall of his toes and that he was bleeding.

He also added that it was very painful for him even to move but that he somehow managed to endure till the end of the match in which Stan Wawrinka managed to win. Final result was 3-1 in sets (7-6(7-1); 4-6; 5-7; 3-6).

It was a hard match, and even Djokovic won the first set he didn’t manage to take the win. This rarely happens, but we think that the injury had a lot to do with the outcome of this encounter.

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Good news that he is not going to need an operation is followed by the predictions that he will be ready to play in Beijing at the 500 series ATP tournament that starts October, 3. What is not that certain and is under big question mark is his appearance on the charity event that he organizes in Milan during the next week. Tournament “Djokovic And Friends” should bring few biggest names of the game to that tournament but it is not clear if he will be able to play.