Dodge’s 707 HP Challengers Recalled

When the driver sits behind the steering wheel of the vehicle that produces 707 horsepower, it can be more than overwhelming. Especially, if the driver is unable to see through the windshield. That is exactly the reason why the FCA had to recall about 1,200 examples of the 2017 Dodge Challenger SRT equipped with the monstrous Hellcat V8 beast.

The potential problem is the oil leak, and the hose which is connected to the engine oil cooler doesn’t meet factory specifications, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s report they filed yesterday.

What potentially could happen is that the failure would be responsible for such as rapid loss of engine oil that “the customer may experience impaired visibility due to oil spray on the windshield, engine seizure and/or a potential risk of fire due to engine oil contacting a hot surface,” explained the automaker.

According to a Fiat Chrysler spokesman, a disconnected line “may activate a check-engine light before any other consequences are observed.” The vehicles which face this problem are assembled between February 6 and May 30 this year, and they had to withdraw both two- and four-door models.

Furthermore, the carmaker declared that the investigation began on May 13 after they had received three warranty claims in just two weeks. Just two days after that, the problem was officially confirmed by a supplier in Costa Rica after several tests. Hopefully, the problem is fixed, and as of July 28, the FCA has not noticed any accidents linked to the defect. The Dodge Challenger will set the road on fire again with its 707 horsepower.