Dolphins Fear The Worst For Tannehill After Their Huge Win Over Cardinals


This could be a pretty big price to pay for this Dolphins’ big win. They had the game in their hands in the second half when Tannehill left the match with a knee injury. He was set to miss the remainder of the game, but Miami fears that he might miss the rest of the season.

After he went out, Dolphins lost the lead and allowed the Cardinals to come back and almost break the hearts of every single fan that watched that duel. Fortunately for them and Miami’s Playoff dreams, it didn’t happen, and Dolphins won the game in the final seconds of this contest.

Even though their record is now good enough for 6th in the AFC and a spot in the postseason, it might come with a big price. Dolphins’ doctors fear that Tannehill tore the ACL in his knee. If that is the case, Miami’s signal caller would for sure miss the rest of the season and might not even be ready when the training camp starts for the next year.


Miami couldn’t move the ball without Tannehill under the center and that tells you just how much they need this man on the field. Their Playoff hopes will take a big hit if it turns out that he won’t be able to play again this year.

Dolphins‘ quarterback has had an amazing run in the second half of this season so it would be a shame if he doesn’t get the chance to lead this team to the postseason. He earned the right to be called the leader of this squad, but that might be taken away because of a devastating setback.