Donald Trump: The President Shouldn’t Tell NFL Teams What to Do?


We all heard what President Donald Trump had to say about the protest of football players during the national anthem, but the critics of Trump shared a tweet of his from 2013 where he criticized President Obama’s interference regarding one team issue.

On more than a few occasions, POTUS criticized the decision of some players to “take a knee” as a sign of protest instead of standing during the national anthem. Most attention certainly got the one where he opted to call for fans to boycott games suggesting that league officials should do something about this:

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One of the things critics pointed out is the fact that president needs to spend more time solving problems that were caused by devastating storms that recently hit Puerto Rico and other areas instead of talking about NFL and what some players are doing.

Many suggested that the behavior of the head of the state was bit shocking but not entirely surprising. As it goes every time, when Trump talks about something it is all over the media meaning that football was all over the news these days. The problem is that no one is talking about 3.4 million people that are U.S. citizens and were suffering due to storms. After Harvey and Irma we immediately saw the united nation that was led by the president and the help was dispatched to both Houston and South Florida, this time, things were a little bit different. There weren’t any fundraisers and concerts of support, but we did saw the start of a conflict between the president and many professional athletes not just from NFL. Many suggest that protest, and what those players are doing, is in line with their First Amendment rights and that people do have the right to exercise their rights.

In the last seven days, we saw only five tweets regarding Puerto Rico and Hurricane Maria. These include posts from Tuesday that was published before the storm, the second one came on Wednesday night where the support was promised. After a decent number of critics, we could see the next tweet on Monday. Trump blamed officials on the status of the infrastructure and the level of debt. Unfortunately, Carribean and particularly U.S. Virgin Islands weren’t mentioned even they were heavily hit by both Irma and Maria.

Compared to this disaster, the president decided to post more than 20 times on his Twitter account addressing the situation in the NFL and players that were protesting during the national anthem.

This was nicely used by those that are not big fans of President Trump to point out at tweets that he wrote about four years ago while he was only a wealthy citizen. On that occasion, he decided to criticize President Obama for his interference regarding the Washington Redskins name. He called out Obama and suggested that he should concentrate more on problems in the country instead of that nonsense.

Trump answered his critics by saying that he wasn’t distracted from the pressing issues and that he managed to follow happenings on both fronts. He stated:

“To me, the NFL situation is a very important situation. I have plenty of time on my hands. All I do is work.”

We could hear in a statement that the government is focused on resolving the problems that occurred after devastating hurricanes and that he has enough time for other important things including NFL.

Here is what President Trump stated: “It doesn’t take me long to put out a wrong and maybe we’ll get it right. I think it’s a very important thing for the NFL to not allow people to kneel during the playing of our national anthem.”