Donald Trump Will Ride In This Car and Plane, According to the Hollywood Director

The President-elect Donald Trump is a very wealthy man, and some people like to joke around with his taste in design. We have had a chance to see where he lives and there is just too much gold. Some would say that his taste is tacky.

It will take time for Donald Trump to get used to the White House. He will also need time to get used to the presidential vehicle. One Hollywood director came up with some ideas of what would be the suitable vehicle for Donald Trump in which he could take a ride instead of using those that are received with the spot he earned.

The Hollywood director is Neill Blomkamp, and he directed Elysium and District 9. Check out his video of what Donald Trump’s plane in the future may be.

The plane in the video is the Airbus A380. It is equipped with massive guns and caterpillar tracks. Moreover, this is the largest passenger aircraft in the world. The Hollywood director wants nothing but the best for the new President.

The limousine doesn’t even look like a vehicle. It has a lot of gold parts, and at the front, we can see the eagle. Above the eagle is a man which reminds us of a Roman emperor who arrives in Rome after the triumph. Unlike the plane, the car doesn’t contain any weapons, unless there are hidden guns. We can’t be sure.

Most likely we won’t see any of these neither in President service or for anyone else. But who knows, someone could be crazy enough and create something similar.

Do you like these? Are they the right choice for the President-elect Donald Trump?