Dos and Don’ts of Giving Corporate Executive Gifts

Employees do serve a very integral role in any organization. Without them, then there will no longer be there an organization. Hence, these are special people who ensure the continuous growth and success of your business. They are the people who keep moving your business from one level to another.

Therefore, workers need to be compensated regarding their productivity and rank. However, showing appreciation for their hard work needs to be awarded separately. Usually, the dedicated employees deserve gratitude and thanks that is why the employee thank you present typically given. You can find a wide variety of such gifts on Giving them these gifts could boost their morale and encourage them to work hard, thus increasing your business productivity continually.

Giving of gifts to workers could be done on special occasions such as recognition days, holidays, baby shower, wedding, or birthdays among others. However, the gifts that you give to your employees should always be of good quality and not that too much that could provide another impression of bribing. These could be anything from gift certificates, journals, desk accessories to gift baskets.

For instance, for a retiree, you could help them commemorate and celebrate their retirement days by presenting them with excellent retirement present. After all, that employee who rendered the best services for the company will need something that they will cherish after retirement. Most of these kinds of gifts usually given to retirees are those they could use in their leisure times.

Because these people will be retiring from work and will need to enjoy a more free life doing want they are comfortable with. Think of gifts related to their hobbies, past times, or those they could use to travel. These retirees may tend to go to relax and wind up for some time. Therefore, nice luggage or vacation travel package could make the perfect gift ideas for them.

There are plenty of present that you can always purchase for your workers. The best thing is that many online shops are offering these various present in the present days at even some discounted prices. Plus, most of these present that you purchase online could be personalized with initials of recipients or their names. These days, the personalized gifts are taking a walk into the market as they are known to be more memorable and thoughtful to anyone receiving them.

What are thus some of the Dos and Don’ts you need to consider when giving out the corporate executive present to your workers? When it comes to purchasing the corporate executive gifts for your employees, this could be a great way of appreciating them. Though, if you are going to go through trouble in finding things that could be allowed to show your gratitude, then make sure you are doing it right.

Do: Give unique executive gifts

There is nothing that could say I do not know you well, like giving similar gifts to all your employees in the office. You need to make sure you are making an effort to find different unique gifts that are personalized for everyone in your company. For instance, if you have those workers that love golf, you could consider finding them golf-themed clocks or paperweights for their desks. Buying different unique gifts for all your employees will show that you are finding out about their interests, making this token of your appreciation more personal.

Don’t: Be afraid to spend a little money

According to, the corporate executive present need not being that expensive to be appreciated. However, if you look forward to making an impact and saying thank you to your employees, giving them inexpensive pre-printed pens will not likely provide the reaction that you are looking for. Thus, leave room in your budget to make sure that you can purchase your employee’s unique presents. You need not spending thousands of dollars on each workers, but you can budget for each of your employees to ensure you are giving them the best gifts without overspending.

Do: Personalize engraved crystal awards

Another positive thing that you need to do is personalizing engraved crystal awards. However, do not just engrave the recipient’s names on the crystal award. If there is room, make sure you are including short expression that could explain why you are giving out this engraved crystal awards. This kind of token appreciations will be treasured and thus displayed even for years to come.

Don’t: Forget to include a personalized handwritten note

When handing out presents, always make sure you are adding a personal note that explains why you are giving it, and how much you appreciate what the employees are doing for your organization. This kind of note will be treasured just the same way the gift you hand over is treasured.

Do: Send a group gift when appropriate

When you look forward to sending thanks to all your entire employees, whether these are working in your company, your vendors, or even your customers, then group gifts could help them know what they mean to you. Group presents like a food present basket, or engraved plaques that could be displayed in common areas are highly appreciated. This is also one way that could help you in stretching your budget, while still showing everyone that you value their presence and work in your company.


This could be challenging when it comes to deciding on the kind of present to give your employees. From different types of unique gifts to engraved crystal awards, you have endless choices. It is thus vital taking your time to go through the dos and don’ts and making an effort of ensuring that each of your employee’s presents is personalized depending on their interests or likes. These kinds of bids will be worth it in the long run.

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