Doxo The Bill Paying App

We live in a world where nobody has time. Everyone is in a hurry and the last thing we want to do is stand in a line waiting to pay the bills. And the bills need to be paid. There are a lot of ways for you to do this job online, but this one is brand new. Doxo the bill paying app is something that you definitely need.

Doxo is an app that is a capable bill payment hub and online filing cabinet for all your household documents. You can easily pay all your bills. The process is often free, and sometimes when it isn’t, the fee is really small. You can also organize and manage your emails and account information, receive and backup documents and make your payments to connected providers online or with Doxo mobile app. It doesn’t matter what do you want to pay, finances, utilities, healthcare, telecom, you can do it with Doxo.

People often don’t like new things like this, because they think it’s not secure. But with this app, you don’t need to worry. After some investigating and examining many Doxo reviews, we found out that is a legitimate site offering a third-party bill and payment management. The company was launched in 2008, and the investors in Doxo are Mohr Davidow Ventures, Bezos Expeditions, and Sigma Partners. Headquarters of this company is in Seattle, Washington.

They claim that state-of-the-art security measures keep you safe. Maybe that sounds excessive, but Doxo is a secure way to pay your bills. Your data is encrypted and protected end-to-end using strong industry standard encryption, and Doxo complies with stringent requirements for data protection while in-transit and at-rest, such as PCI-DSS. That means that you don’t need to worry and that all of your data and information is secure. They use 15 technology products and services including Google Analytics, G suite, and Apache Web Server.

The advantage of this app is that you can pay your bills on the go, you can add all your bills and accounts to organize payments, documents, and account info. One more great thing is that you can link your email and import your accounts.

They say that with this app you will never miss a bill due date because the app allows you to manage and pay thousands of companies directly from your phone. Also if you don’t want for some reason to download the app, you can search their website from your mobile browser to make a payment, they guarantee you that the experience and their website is mobile-optimized.

Another good thing that will surely help you is that you can schedule payments. If you do that, you’ll be shown the date of withdrawal and date your payment is received by your biller. You will also get an email from Doxo where all of this information will appear.

You can monitor your payment at every step along the way, and if an issue occurs, you will get a notification immediately. A complete history of every payment that you made can be tracked in detail in your account.