The Advantages of Dress Shopping In-Person vs. Online

When there’s a special occasion around the corner, there’s no better time to start dress shopping! Whether it be for a prom, a quinceanera, a cocktail party, or even a bridesmaid dress for a wedding, shopping for your dress in person comes with several benefits. Although online shopping has become more common over the years due to its convenience, online shopping does lack what in-person shopping has to offer.

When you walk into a dress shop, you have a variety of beautiful dresses to look at, right at your fingertips! Sure, you might have to leave the house to get there, but it’s worth it in the end.

Not sure if visiting a dress store in person is the right move for you? In this guide, you’ll find a few benefits of choosing in-person shopping vs online shopping. Continue reading below to find out more!

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You Can Try Any Dress on

When you shop online, you may be able to scroll through an endless amount of dresses while reading reviews, but when looking for a dress in the store, you can actually try on any dress you’d like. This is something online shopping will never be able to offer you. Trying the dress on yourself is a much better indication of how much you like the product than looking at a picture of it on someone else.

While at the store, you can look through all the various dresses and try on as many as you’d like. If something doesn’t fit you exactly how you’d like, then you can even consider having it fitted for you! If you leave the store still unsure of what dress you want to purchase, then you can write down the name and size of each dress you’re interested in and make the purchase online at a later time!

This way, you’ve already tried the dress on, you like how it fits, and you know what size to buy.

You Can Bring Friends and Family

Another great benefit of shopping online is having the ability to bring friends or family with you. You can make it an outing by inviting people you enjoy spending time with and people whose opinions you value. Friends and family not only make dress shopping fun and exciting, but they can also provide you with honest feedback on how a dress looks on you.

It’s always nice to have a second opinion on something before buying. Friends are also pretty good at finding that oh-so-perfect dress you would have never found if they didn’t bring it to you.

You’ll Better Understand the Quality of a Dress

Aside from the size, another important aspect of finding the right dress for you is the material or fabric the dress is made from. Not all dresses are made from the same material and not all people like the same type of fabric. When you purchase a dress online, you can read the information to determine what type of fabric it’s made from, but in person, you can feel it and understand the quality better.

How does the fabric feel to the touch? How does it feel on your skin while wearing it? Is it comfortable?

Does the material bring out your figure how you’d like? These are some questions to keep in mind when trying dresses on in person.

You Might Find In-Store Discounts

Another great benefit of shopping for a dress at the store is that you might find in-store discounts! Many dress shops and boutiques offer discounts that can only be found in person. These discounts might be advertised and they may not.

For this reason, you may not even know about the discounts until you enter the store. You can even ask to be shown any clearance items or clearance racks. If the store offers discounts for certain people such as students, veterans, or something else, then you’ll most likely need to take advantage of these in person since you may need to show identification.

You Can Walk Out With Your Dress

We all know how difficult it is to wait for items to come in the mail. When you purchase a dress online, you may have to pay for shipping and then wait several days or weeks to receive it in the mail. When you shop for your dress online, you don’t have to worry about waiting to receive it in the mail or if you’re going to get it on time.

You can leave the store that day with your dress in hand! As you return home with your dress, there will be no worries about whether or not you’ll have the dress before the special occasion. It also gives you time to try the dress on again and return it to the store if you change your mind.

You Won’t Have to Worry About Return Shipping

When you purchase a dress online without trying it on first, you’re taking a bit of a risk. Although the dress might end up fitting you perfectly causing you to fall in love at first sight, the opposite is true as well. You might end up not liking the material or how the dress fits.

When this happens, you’ll need to return the dress. If you don’t return it directly to the store, then you might have to pay for return shipping. You’ll then have to find a new dress and wait for it to ship to you.

When you find a dress in the store, you can return it directly to the store if needed without return shipping costs.

Reap These Benefits When Dress Shopping in Person

Dress shopping in person comes with several amazing benefits. If you believe you’d benefit from any of these factors listed above, then shopping in person at the dress boutique might be the best option for you.