Drew Brees vs. Denver Broncos – Numbers Prediction


When one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL goes up against one of the best defenses, you know you will have a great game on your hands. We already have Tom Brady going up against that Seahawks defense, but Brees against Super Bowl champions is going to be exciting.

The thing that makes this game even more interesting is the fact that Broncos need to win in order to keep up with the Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs. New Orleans is always tough to play in Big Easy, especially with Drew Brees under the center. He’s been able to beat a lot of good squads and defenses, even this season.

We think Drew Brees will show up and turn this game from an offensive struggle to an offensive shootout. Trevor Siemian and this Denver Broncos offense are going to need to score a lot of points to beat Brees and his crew. This defense is a bit banged up right now, and we think that Saints’ quarterback will know how to exploit that.

We are predicting that Brees will go 30/44 while recording 340 passing yards and at least three touchdowns. The fewer picks he throws, the better is the chance for Saints to win this game and add themselves into the Playoff picture.


Their season is not done yet, so New Orleans will come out to play with some sense of urgency. Brees is not going to go down without a fight as this team still has a good chance to reach the postseason. Saints QB will have a good showing against the Broncos, and hopefully, he will get enough of support from his squad. If you have him in your Fantasy Leagues, don’t make a mistake to put him on the bench.