Durarara Season 3 Release Date


Durarara!! is one of the numerous Japanese light novels written by Ryōgo Narita. More often than not, such novels are eventually adapted into anime series, and Durarara is no exception. The anime adaptation is titled the same (often shortened to DRRR!!), and it was first released in January 2010 on Mainichi Broadcasting System. Soon afterward, it was also aired on other Japanese channels, such as TBS and CBC.

The first season series is directed by Ryōgo Narita, and the scriptwriter was Noboru Takagi, while the music was composed by Makoto Yoshimori. “Brain’s Base” animation studio developed the anime, and then “Aniplex of America” licensed it for the English speaking countries (the English dub was produced in 2011).

As for the second season, which is titled Durarara!! x2, it came out five years later, in January 2015. This time, the developer was Shuka studio and the new episodes debuted on Tokyo MX and were soon available on GTV, BS11, MBS, etc. Crunchyroll licensed this season, and Aniplex of America is streaming an English dub via Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu.


Brief Storyline

The protagonist of Durarara is a modest young guy named Mikado Ryugamine (the name can be translated as “Emperor of Dragon Mountain”). He spends his life in a suburb, and he chooses Internet communication over reality. However, at some point, he decides to try something new, and he enrolls Raira Academy, which is located in a rather dangerous district of the city. His friend Masaomi Kida helps him handle the new reality and lifestyle. As time passes by, Mikado gets accustomed to the new surroundings, and he meets new intriguing people. He becomes a part of the new world.

Durarara Season 3 Release Date

Bearing in mind that Season 2 of the anime is not finished yet, we cannot ask for too much and expect “Brain’s Base” or “Shuk” to give us some specific information about Season 3. We can assume that there will be a new batch of episodes because both novel and manga are still ongoing. If either of the studios confirms our guesses, we’ll let you know.