Dutch Regulators Approve Tesla Model S and Model X With a Powerful Battery

Tesla Model S

Back in March, someone hacked Tesla and revealed the company’s plan to launch a powerful Model S later in the year. On Friday, Dutch regulators have approved the new Model S and Model X with the new battery.

A report by Kenteken TV, revealed that the aforementioned European regulators approved the new Tesla models the company named P100D. The Model S P100D and the Model X P100 D are safe for road use in the Netherlands. Bothe cars’ batteries have a capacity of 100KWh, which allegedly will power the cars for up to 380 miles when fully charged, pretty impressive, isn’t it?

Tesla is also set to launch a presumably more affordable Model 3 in the near future. As the Model 3 continues to attract more rumours, it is not yet confirmed if the upcoming EV will sport the 100KWh battery. Tesla is yet to confirm anything about the battery of the upcoming model, neither has it been all quiet about it.

Hacker John Hughes is the person responsible for the Tesla hack in March. He uncovered Tesla plans on the P100D models. After his discovery, he tweeted at CEO Elon Musk and Tesla saying what he discovered through a cryptographic hash function.

As expected, Tesla did not welcome what he had done with warm hugs. Hughes later complained, through Tesla Motors Club forums and Twitter, that Tesla took actions against him after revealing its secrets. Tesla deleted the upcoming update from his car. “It appears I have completely pissed off the Tesla administrators.

The company has somehow managed to delete the upcoming update, 2.13.77, from my car,” Hughes complained. Tesla simply sent the car some commands and the result was the vehicle’s system restarting the updater. When the updater restarted, it requested the update from the server and Tesla denied the update from their end.

Of course, CEO Elon Musk claimed that the company was not responsible for the disappearance of the update. The CEO, who is not shy of social media, later joked about the issue stating, “good hacking is a gift.”

You heard about Tesla Model Y? We hope same will be in this model!