Dwayne Johnson as a Father

Source: eonline.com

When we hear the name Dwayne Johnson or just The Rock, we immediately think of the strong former wrestler, the most attractive man of the year and one of the most famous people nowadays. To all this, we can also add few of his movie roles, but to The Rock himself, none of these accomplishments can compare to that of being a father of two beautiful girls.

The famous actor was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on November 15 when he shared some of the most precious moments he had spent with his only 11-month-old Jasmine so far. He played a video clip of this adorable baby hitting his head, explaining that that is her favorite game, “drumming on Daddy’s head” as he called it.

Source: instagram.com
Source: instagram.com

Johnson admits that, of all the numerous roles he has ever taken on during his acting career, the absolute favorite is and always will be the role of a family man. He says that he just loves being a father and that he enjoys every moment he spends with his daughter more than anything in the world. He described what the bath time with his little Jasmine looks like saying: “It’s my job and I love filling up the baby tub and I get her toys, making everything right”.

The Rock also comments on how his perspective of his beloved Lauren Hashian has changed after Jasmine’s birth, adding that “watching Lauren be a mum has been one of the most enlightening things” he has ever seen.

Many would probably describe the world’s highest-paid actor as ‘the perfect man’, but he admits that the women are the ones who have shaped him. Of course, by ‘women’ he refers to his wife and his daughters.