Dwayne Johnson Can Sell Any Movie You Want

It seems that Dwayne Johnson is the most bankable star in the world. After the success of this latest project Rampage, we have little doubt in that. There isn’t a movie that he can’t sell.

Johnson’s latest action-adventure is based on an 80s arcade game and has The Rock in leading role as primatologist Davis Okoye. Okoye and albino gorilla George go on a mission to save the world after a genetic experiment went wrong.

After its theatrical release last week, the movie already earned $148 million with $34.5 million of it being domestically. The film was made on a $120 million budget, and it easily managed to reoccupy that number. This comes as a big success considering how often video games adaptations bomb at the box office.

During his career, Johnson’s didn’t have a movie that ultimately bombed. It’s hard to believe, but even Tooth Fairy made its budget back. Last year Dwayne’s films such as Jumanji: Welcome To the Jungle made a colossal success. It almost crossed the $1 billion mark trumping on projects such as Spider-Man: Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok and Wonder Woman.

Former WWE wrestler started his Hollywood career in a The Mummy Returns film and continued with a string of family-friendly and comedy releases. Thanks to his charisma, he managed to find success in projects where he plays a badass and those where he’s more of funny, goofy guy. Some of them weren’t as good, but people still went to see them, only to see Dwayne Johnson.

What sets him apart from other Hollywood stars is his popularity in foreign markets. After he became a part of the Fast & Furious family, this franchise became an instant hit in China. His latest project Skyscraper is even set in this far east country.

After Rampage and Skyscraper, he will start the work on Disney’s Jungle Cruise. This company has high expectations of Johnson and this project, their goal is to make Jungle Cruise as famous as The Pirates of The Caribbean are. If you ask us, they picked the right man for the job. He’s the one that can emulate the success of Johnny Depp.

He will also play Black Adam in DC Universe, which another good move if they want to catch up to Marvel.

It is clear now, as it was never before. Dwayne Johnson can sell any movie.