Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia’s Seven Bucks Digital Studios launches first Pilot program!


The Seven Bucks Productions is, as you know, created by Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia and now they are launching their first ever pilot program that will go through their digital arm – Seven Bucks Digital Studios which will also need a partnership, and who better than Studio71. Thanks to this original online content push the Seven Bucks Digital Studios will have six pilots launched this year that are going to be produced by Seven Bucks Digital Studios and Studio71.

As we managed to find out from a Variety report the first project from this company will be a scripted workplace created in partnership with the creators of the Bro Science Life channel, Mike Tornabene and Gian Hunjan. This short form series will star Dom Mazzetti or the Brofessor, and a group of wild and self-proclaimed gym gurus and social media wannabes, in their effort to try and keep The Church of Iron or Dom’s gym, open for business. The series will have four episodes, and each one of them will be 8-10 minutes long and featured on the Seven Bucks Digital Studios’ YouTube channel.


As I already mentioned, Johnson and Garcia will act as executive producers, as well as Erin Lardy of Seven Bucks, plus Studio71’s Dan Weinstein, Scott Brown, and Mo Darwiche. On this topic Johnson stated that “Our fans love the premium content we put out on the channel each week.” He added “Whether it’s a recurring series like the infamous Rock Q&A or a collaboration with surprising partners like Millenials: The Musical, we are able to entertain and engage our global audience in new ways. This pilot program will allow our channel to grow into new territories and change the way the game is played.”

Dany Garcia also had something to say on the topic, and it was that “This program will expand how we work with various global brand, network and distribution partners, and we are proud to be leading the pack in how digital and traditional forms of entertainment are integrated.”


Some of you probably know, but those who don’t, Dwayne rebranded his YouTube channel into Seven Bucks Digital Studios in May 2016, as well as Studio71 ( digital entertainment company and multichannel network owned by ProSiebenSat.1 Group). This was a very smart move for Johnson because in just one year Seven Bucks Digital Studios channel has grown from just under 100.000 subscribers to over 2 million, which is amazing. But Seven Bucks Production is not only about online releases. They also have their schedule jam packed across both movie and TV including the spinoff of the famous TV show Baywatch which starts Johnson and Efron.

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