Dwayne Johnson Debuted In WWE 21 Years Ago


When you think of the WWE, one name that comes to your mind has to be Dwayne Johnson. It has been 21 years since Dwayne Johnson debuted for the biggest company in the business. He was just a young and inexperienced wrestler with frizzy hair that appeared on TV on November 17th, 1996 and back then, he wore a blue costume with frills. At that time, he didn’t excite the fans, but it appeared that WWE wanted to raise this young man to the new heights.

Today, Dwayne Johnson, known as The Rock and The People’s Champion is one of the legends of the sport. When he started out, he wanted to buy a house for his parents, but today, a guy like him can purchase the entire city if he wants.


Ever since his debut in the WWE, Johnson has come the long way. He left the wrestling industry to become one of the most popular and best-paid actors in Hollywood. Dwayne has always done the right thing inside the ring and out as many kids started watching WWE thanks to The Rock. On one occasion, Triple H posted on Twitter saying “it sure is interesting that most of your big @WWE moments somehow involve punching me in the face…” This clearly shows how big of a star was The Rock.

Johnson has been in the movies such as The Game Plan and Tooth Fairy, which was ridiculous. In the latter, he wore a tutu and had wings – remember that we are talking about Dwayne Johnson, the masculine guy, a wrestling legend.

His WWE debut is unforgettable when he showed up with the silly pineapple style haircut and his crazy fashion choices. He had the worst wrestling outfits probably in the history of WWE, and these throwback photos are pure gold. The fans kept congratulating him, but one of them reminded Johnson of the awful costumes he wore. But Dwayne kept defending his choices and he wrote on Twitter: “Gold lam’e matching vest and pants at the VMA’s and a completely open silk shirt at the Emmys were beautiful smart choices. So I thought.”


It has been 21 years since his WWE debut and Johnson has done great things since that. Now, he is aiming at the Oval Office in 2024. Will he run?