Would Dwayne Johnson Be A Good President?


Dwayne Johnson joked about running for president, but as the time passes, this more and more seems like a legit statement, and there is a possibility that we will see The Rock in the presidential race in 2024. It all began as a joke, but a freelance writer submitted paperwork with the Federal Election Committee, making everything real.

The campaign is described as “a grassroots movement to send the People’s Champion to the White House in 2024. #MakeAmericaRockAgain.” It clarifies: “I don’t have any relationship with Dwayne Johnson. The amazing enthusiasm and energy on the ground for Mr. Johnson prompted me to create the organization. The hope is that Mr. Johnson will see how much America desires the real leadership only he can provide and jumps in the race.”

Dwayne Johnson told GQ that there is “a real possibility” that we might see Johnson enter the run for the Oval Office, but he added: “I’d like to see a better leadership. I’d like to see a greater leadership.” He also spoke with Jimmy Fallon: “Three-and-a-half years is a long ways away.” The Rock is not ruling out any option for now, and he is obviously cautious during his interviews.

Public Policy Polling published a poll which favors Johnson over Trump “in a prospective contest.” Some bookies even offered odds of 16/1 on him becoming the next US President, but is all of this a joke, or is this happening in a country such as the United States? Could we have an actor and a former wrestler becoming the most important man in the country?


He was hosted by Jimmy Fallon, and we tried to study his every move. He doesn’t talk to Fallon; he addresses the audience. If he were to become the President, everyday people would be his top priority.

Some of the sentences and words he used were very interesting. He talked about the “surge and the groundswell” of support, and he declared that “a lot of people want to see a better leadership today.” Also, he said “More poise. Less noise.” There you go, we have a slogan. He continues: “And over the years I’ve become someone a lot of people relate to” and “I love taking care of people. That kind of thing really resonates with people, especially today.”

Yes, We Want The Rock

Dwayne Johnson is not actually qualified to be the President. But look who is sitting in the Oval Office today – Donald Trump. Not to be any confusion – we will not analyze Trump’s presidency, and we are neither for nor against. All we are saying is that he wasn’t and still isn’t qualified. Trump is an exceptional businessman who knows what he is doing, but his political experience was the same as Johnson’s when he was in the campaign.

Our point is that you don’t need any special knowledge to become a President. But you need to be a person people can trust and believe in. Johnson has done so many things for the community, and he would be the true ambassador of the long-lost American values. However, he is not connected to any party in particular, and he could run as an independent, but he may consider both Republicans and Democrats.

No, We Don’t Want The Rock

What is Johnson’s plan? Yes, he loves the people, but we have heard so many of these empty words for many candidates in recent years, even decades. For me to vote for him (and that’s just me) I need to see a concrete plan, his opinion on many hot topics both domestic and foreign.


He is a good figure to show up in public and address the crowds but where is his team? All of this is important if Johnson were to be a good leader and to do so, he needs to start preparing for the race. He has the much-needed charisma, but the charisma will not solve our problems we face every day. We expect concrete plans.

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