Dwayne Johnson is still in the run for a role in the The Wolfman reboot!

Source: squareeyed.tv

As far as we managed to find out, it seems that The Rock is still in the run for a role in the upcoming The Wolfman movie which will be a part of Universal’s newly-announced Dark Universe franchise. This new Dark Universe franchise will consist out of reboots of the monster cinematic universe that will include this June’s The Mummy reboot, Princess Ahmanet (supposed to be a first official entry in the Dark Universe) and Bill Condon’s Bride of Frankenstein reboot set for 2019.

Maybe you know this already, but it doesn’t hurt to say again that Oscar-winner Javier Bardem is set to play Frankenstein, but his bride is still not picked, but according to some speculations and rumors Angelina Jolie is Universal’s top pick to headline Bride of Frankenstein. According to the same rumors, we found out that Dwayne is still in a run for a role at The Wolfman movie although that news is now nearly a year old. According to the THR, the Johnson will definitely star in The Wolfman down the line, but only if The Mummy and Bride of Frankenstein are successful enough so that Universal can justify additional monster movie reboots.

Source: movieweb.com

The latest script draft for The Wolfman, according to some reports, is written by Dave Callaham, the co-writer of the 2014 Godzilla reboot as well as the 2005 Doom, a video game movie adaptation that has also starred The Rock. If we neglect the fact that Dwayne’s latest movie Baywatch managed to flop at the box office, he is still a highly sought out actor. His current project is a video game adaptation Rampage, but he is not calling it quits there, he already has two projects lined up (Skyscraper and Jungle Cruise) to follow immediately after that.

When you consider just how busy Dwayne is (with Shane Black’s Doc Savage movie adaptation and the DC Extended Universe’s Black Adam solo film, as well as his and Jason Statham-led Fast & Furious spin-off), The Wolfman might just be too much for him right now. There is only that much a one man can give from himself. But there is also a good news regarding The Wolfman, and it is the fact that it won’t see theaters before 2024 at the earliest. The fact is that Universal will almost undoubtedly be glad to have The Rock on board with their films, but what the future will actually hold no one knows for sure yet. The best option here is to wait and see how things develop further.