Dwayne Johnson Is The Most Popular Actor on Social Media

The Hollywood Reporter puts Dwayne Johnson back at number one on the Top Actors chart, while he is closely followed by Nina Dobrev.

For those of you who do not know the Top Actors chart ranks the most popular stars on all social media whereas social media analytics company MVPindex provides the data. The categories which are important to be on the list include the engagement on the platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus as well as the weekly increase of followers/subscribers.

Actress Nina Dobrev made a huge jump, while the list also features Sofia Vergara, Vin Diesel, and Rowan Atkinson. Meanwhile, Priyanka Chopra, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens and Tom Holland are no longer among top ten. The entire list is displayed below.

10. Lilly Collins

9. Rowan Atkinson


8. Vin Diesel

7. Sofia Vergara – Before we move on, we need to tell you that Sofia Vergara reached top ten with a significant 227 percent boost. Vergara posted photos from the 69th Emmy Awards on Instagram which inspired a lot of fans all over the world to click that follow button. She has also celebrated her son’s 26th birthday.

6. Zendaya – She was using social media a lot which is why she deserved a spot on the Top Actors chart. Her photo from the Women Making History Awards red carpet enchanted the fans.

5. Jennifer Lopez


4. Shay Mitchell

3. Kevin Hart

2. Nina Dobrev – The popular actress now has more than 13 million Instagram followers, after a 38-percent increase, while she attracted the fans with her new black Tesla electric car that has become her private batmobile. She always wanted one, being the huge Batman fan.

1. Dwayne Johnson  – We are pretty much used to seeing this guy at the top of this and similar lists. It is simply incredible how many fans The Rock has.