Dwayne Johnson Promises Elizabeth Warren a Hug

image source: vanityfair.com

Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts senator and progressive icon, mentioned in a recent interview that she loved the show Ballers. This is a well-known HBO series that stars Dwayne Johnson who is a retired NFL star and tries to navigate his career as a financial manager for the players in the league.

The interviewer playfully asked Warren what it was about this particular show she liked: “Is it The Rock? Is it the whole thing? Like, why Ballers?”

“It is The Rock,” Warren, 69, replied and the crowd laughed. She posted an excerpt of the interview on Twitter, and the Hollywood star responded: “I appreciate the love Senator Warren. Enjoy our new season tonight and you have a big Rock-sized hug coming when I see ya.”

Warren has been the fan of the show for a while. Last year Ballers was one of the reasons she supported the Writers Guild of America during the WGA’s contract negotiations, according to Vulture.

image source: digitalspy.com

In May, she wished The Rock a happy birthday, sending the message to her “favorite actor and not-so-secret crush.” Warren and Johnson had another Twitter exchange when she wrote: “We’ve got 7/23 marked on our calendars. Sure hope Ricky sticks with the Pats!” Johnson tweeted: “Like you, we ball hard.”

On Friday, Warren tweeted: “To all the reporters tweeting at me about the season premiere of @BallersHBO on Sunday night at 10pm ET like I haven’t had this date saved on my calendar for months: I KNOW.”