Dwayne Johnson Promises Hot Dogs if Florence Pugh Wins BAFTA

Source: www.thecoli.com

Dwayne Johnson and Florence Pugh worked together on her upcoming comedy-drama called Fighting with My Family. Johnson supports her nomination for the 2018 EE Bafta Rising Star award, and for it, Pugh, 22, is going against Tessa Thompson and Daniel Kaluuya.

However, it appears that Pugh will get an easy win since Dwayne Johnson is taking necessary steps to persuade fans to vote for her. He wrote on Twitter that each fan who cast a vote would get a hot dog in return. In his request, he refers to Pugh as a “fellow hot dog eater.” He said: “Just voted for my good bud and fellow hot dog eater to win her first #BAFTA.”

He also added: “I had the privilege of producing one of her movies. A phenomenal human and amazing actress. If she wins, hot dogs for everyone, on me!” The fans were thrilled by this hilarious request, but some of them were wondering how Johnson planned to distribute hot dogs to the fans all over the world. They had some funny comments as well, and one of the fans wrote: “Just to clarify, how will I get my hotdog to the UK, and will it still be warm?’ While another tweeted: ‘I’m holding you to that hot dog promise.”

Florence Pugh will appear in the upcoming movie called Fighting with My Family. It is the film Johnson produces, and it will be about the life of WWE wrestler Paige, whose real name is Saraya Bevis. The director of the new film is Stephen Merchant, whereas Paige’s mother will be played by Lena Headey, who plays Cersei in Game of Thrones. The title is scheduled for September release, but the young actress has already drawn a lot of attention to herself with her roles in British crime series Marcell and 2016’s Lady Macbeth.

About her BAFTA nomination, Florence said: “The journey to get to this rewarding moment has been exhilarating, and so to feel recognition for doing something I love and the hard work many have put in feels very touching.”