Dwayne Johnson Responds To Dinner Request By Edmonton University Athlete


Everyone has at least five celebrities they would like to go out with and have a nice chat over dinner. With the introduction of the social media, talking to the famous people have become much easier, and it doesn’t matter in which part of the world you live in, you can always ask them some questions and comment their photos and posts.

Asking a celebrity to have dinner with you is one thing, but getting a response is completely another. University of Alberta track and field student Ashley Whiteman was asked which celebrity she would like to have dinner with, and she responded Dwayne Johnson.

The Rock wrote on Twitter: “What an incredibly accomplished woman! Congrats Ashley! Look forward to our dinner one day. I’ll pay of course, but you must laugh at my extremely cheesy jokes. Keep doin’ it strong and congrats again!”

Whiteman was surprised that Johnson responded, but it was also a validation for her point in choosing him, according to Global News. She said: “He’s aware of those who admire him and takes the time to recognize it.”

And while there are many celebrities, Whiteman explained why she picked The Rock: “Aside from choosing an individual largely involved in my own sport of track and field, I tried to think of someone I could easily strike up conversation with and learn from. He has such a positive influence on so many people and has worked incredibly hard to be where he is, I think that sets a really good example. Not to mention he’s super funny and laid back.”

Whiteman’s accomplishments are numerous, and they include Pandas Outstanding Female Rookie of the Year in 2016, Canada West Woman’s Track Athlete of the Year in 2017 and three-time First Team All-Canadian. This woman competed in track and field when she was in junior high, but she devoted more time to training after she graduated Grade 12 five years ago.


Currently, the environmental studies student has a lot on her plate, but she manages to pull everything off. She is training five days a week, going to classes and has two jobs. She said: “I work at the Learning Assessment Centre in the education building here on campus. I work to proctor exams and ensure a safe and comfortable exam experience for students from all faculties,” and continued “I also help my parents with their business, PartyKing.”

If for some reasons dinner with Dwayne Johnson doesn’t take place, she would love to sit out with Canadian 800-meter runner Melissa Bishop who competed in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics.