Dwayne Johnson Revealed The Name Of His Daughter To Be

Like you probably know Dwayne Johnson and his girlfriend Lauren Hashian are expecting another daughter together. The pair has one daughter, Jasmine Lia, while The Rock has another one from his marriage with Dany Garcia, Simone. Johnson and Hashian already know the name of their upcoming baby girl.

In a recent interview with People magazine, the biggest star of the business actor talked about this subject: “We’re thinking about Tia. It’s simple; it’s Polynesian-ish. And I feel like she might come out looking like a Tia. I mean, she could come out any which way, because we’re complete opposites.”

Lauren Hashian is expected to go into labor on April 25th.

Even before the interview with People magazine Johnson and his girlfriend Lauren have talked to people about the name they will give to their daughter. During the dinner with his co-star in the upcoming Jungle Cruise movie Emily Blunt they had a conversation which went as follows: “What do you think of Tia?’ And she went – beat, beat, beat – ‘No one’s gonna f— with a Tia Johnson.’ ”

In a most recent interview with Rolling Stone, the Hercules actor said that he and Hashian had talked about having another child but that despite that it came as a surprise to them. He wasn’t aware that they were ‘officially’ trying to get pregnant.

Johnson, as he frequently does, gave a funny explanation on how the pregnancy happened. He allegedly only gave Hashian ‘a look,’ and that was it. She confirmed this by saying: “He just gave me the eyebrow. Pew. Here’s a baby.”

The pair had a plan to get married in Hawaii this spring before they found out about the pregnancy. They postponed the ceremony and here’s Johnson’s explanation of that: “We wanted to get married this spring in Hawaii. But then we got pregnant. And Mama don’t wanna take wedding pictures with a big belly – Mama wanna look good.”