Dwayne Johnson Saves Life Of A Little Bird

We all love Fridays, but when it starts with news about a good deed by everyone’s favorite Hollywood superstar, Dwayne Johnson, it only gets better. Here’s a story that will melt your hearts when you hear it. Jumanji: Welcome To the Jungle actor just saved a tiny baby bird that landed on his front porch. The picture is so sweet you won’t believe your eyes.

A photo of a bird so small that you can barely see it lying in the hands of Dwayne Johnson could be in the contest for the pic of the year on Instagram. It looks like that old saying that big men have even bigger hearts is true. In the world of entertainment, no one comes close to the man nicknamed The Rock. It’s hard to imagine that People’s Champ can hold a bird so tiny without crushing it.

Rampage star captioned the photo with: “Had to take care of this lil’ guy this morning who I found on my porch struggling hard to fly. All his lil’ bird buddies were hanging around looking at him and making a crazy cacophony of loud bird chirps – either encouraging him to fly or… “hey boys looks like we’re having Keith for breakfast.” Humans do not get the same treatment if I find you on my porch.”

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So, The Rock did not only saved the bird, but he also gave her a name. This brave little fella is from now on known as Keith. A fitting name for Dwayne’s latest companion. Someone who is as active on the social networks such as Johnson will most likely give us an update how is Keith doing. If it sticks long enough with Johnson, it could learn a couple of lessons such as: “Always be the hardest working bird in the nest” or “let flying do your talking for you.”

Although in the end, Johnson managed to disappoint us. He said that humans wouldn’t receive the same treatment if found on his porch. But, what with all of us that had plans on stocking Dwayne at his house? Just kidding, we’ll leave The Rock alone while he tries to make the world a better place.