Dwayne Johnson Says There Will Be No Journey 3


According to Dwayne Johnson, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island will not get a sequel. He also added that the intended plot would be inspired by another Jules Verne story. Dwayne said this in a comment reply to a franchise fan on social media and he also stated that he would no longer be involved with the franchise even if they decide to create a sequel. Journey 2 was successful, but it appears that we will not watch Journey 3.


In Journey to the Center of the Earth, based on Verne’s classic novel, we saw Brendan Fraser in the lead role, and despite mixed reception, the film grossed more than $240 million. In the second movie, Fraser was replaced by Dwayne Johnson, and although the budget was almost $80 million, the Journey 2 made $335 million worldwide.

The success was obvious, and thus the sequel was expected. But here is what Johnson wrote on Twitter: “Hey big man, good to see you asked dad’s permission to use his account. Unfortunately, I have no plans to make another Journey movie. My goal to make Jules Verne’s “From the Earth to the Moon” became a real challenge to crack creatively. Thx for being such a cool fan.”

Initially, two Journey movies were supposed to be filmed back-to-back. In both of those films, Brad Peyton was going to be the director with Johnson as the main guy, but as time passed, it became obvious that vision would not become a reality. The two have worked together on projects such as San Andreas and the upcoming Rampage, but it is now apparent that Journey 3 is off the table.

There’s fat chance that Journey 3 will be filmed, but even if it does, it will not star Dwayne Johnson. Follow us for more details.