Dwayne Johnson Sends An Emotional Video Message


A 13-year-old boy asked Dwayne Johnson if he could meet him and The Rock sent him an emotional video message. The 44-year-old Hollywood star has been working on his show called Ballers in Las Vegas, and because of that, he couldn’t meet face-to-face with a boy named Taitusi, who comes from Hawaii.

In a video message, Dwayne Johnson said: “This message is for Taitusi. You’re in Honolulu Hawaii, you’re a big fan of mine and I’ve been shooting. We’re here in Las Vegas, we’re shooting downstairs on the set of Ballers and they just came to me. [They] said “Hey. Make A Wish just called and you have to make this video for Taitusi”. Look, you’re there in Hawaii, I’m here in Las Vegas. I wish I could be there with you. I wish we could hang out and talk like your wish was.”

The former WWE star continued: “I want you to know, Taitusi, I know so much about you already! You love chicken, I love chicken. Your favorite color is red, I love red. You love to play Call Of Duty, I suck at Call Of Duty. You love pancakes, I love pancakes. Your favorite treat is rice crispies treat.”

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“I want you to know that even though I can’t see you and be with you, I want you to know that you are already one of the most amazing and coolest kids I’ve ever spoken to. You are stronger than I will ever be. Ever be,” he added.

We could clearly see that at this point in the video, Dwayne was caught up in the moment and overwhelmed with emotion. However, he managed to continue and say this: “Stay strong. And this weekend I’m going to have rice crispy treats in your honor. Alright brother. Love you. Stay strong.”


The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a non-profit organization that tries to fulfill the wishes of children who are suffering from serious diseases. It appears that Taitusi’s strength really surprised and inspired the famous actor who added: “God bless you and your family.”