Dwayne Johnson sent a heartwarming message for AFL players’ sick brother


We already have grown accustomed to good things that come from the all-loving factory that is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and that is why this one didn’t catch us by surprise. This one definitely puts him on top of an all-around Hollywood nice guys list, if you ask us. Besides being a doting husband and father, he does a lot of charities and dedicates every available minute of his time inspiring others as a thank you to them because apparently, they inspire him too.

This time “The Rock” found out that Gold Coast Suns’ new recruit Pearce Hanley and Brisbane Lions‘ rookie Cian Hanley’s little brother Tom is fighting stage 4 cancer, and this compelled him to make a video shout-out to the 15-year-old fighter over Instagram. What is somewhat of a mitigating factor, at least according to News.com.au report, is that Hanley brothers will travel back to their hometown, back in Ireland, to spend some time with their family over the Christmas-New Year’s break. They both received some extra time off as a courtesy of theirs respective clubs, considering the situation.

In Dwayne’s video shout-out is a sweet and heartwarming message to Tom which says “This one’s for my buddy Tommy Hanley. Just found out he’s a huge fan, 15 years old, living in Ireland and battling stage-4 cancer”. This movie star, former wrestler after that proceeded to give some advice to the boy saying that “I’ve never met you, but I already know so much about you and can tell you’re an awesome, honorable and strong young man” and continued with “Make sure you eat up dude and get your rest. Those two things are gonna help you stay strong during this fight. Stay being the coolest kid and always keep in mind how much you inspire all your family and friends – including me. We’re all pulling for you Tommy! Stay strong and Merry Christmas to you and your family – Uncle Rock AKA Dwanta Claus”. Awwww well isn’t that just sweet?!

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If you follow Dwayne and you are his fan, then you probably know that this isn’t the first time he did something like this. Things like this are in his DNA, and this boulder of a human just seems tough on the outside, but on the inside, he is just cuddly and warm all over. He is always for the greater good, and as always he lent his kindness as well as celebrity status. Something similar happened in November when this superstar invited one of his biggest fans, a Down Syndrome Rockstar cheerleader for Kahuku High School in Hawaii named Hoku and her family to hang out with him in his trailer while on the Hawaii set of his new film Jumanji. After spending time with the girl and her family, he stated “I’ve officially become her biggest fan… literally, I am physically her biggest fan” and comically added, “It’s also so cool that you said we are dating now!”. LoL, nice! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson ladies and gentleman! My bow to you dear sir!