Dwayne Johnson surprised the kids


Since it is a holiday time, we often give gifts to each other and make surprises. But what Dwayne Johnson did is really wonderful. In collaboration with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Rays of the Sunshine Children’s Charity and the Starlight Children’s Foundation he surprised the children. P.J. who is 9 years old, Cameron, 11 year old and Lucy, who is 6 years old, were very happy and surprised to see “The Rock” Johnson. That all happened on the set of his new “Hobbs & Shaw” movie. The children were very excited.

The children were then given another surprise because Jason Statham appeared on the set and he greeted them.
“We are lucky to play heroines. They are really like superheroes because they’re super, super strong.”


After that, Dwayne brought presents for the children, which caused enthusiasm for them. In addition to sweatshirts, hats, kids also got an Xbox game pass, but when P.J. told Johnson that he does not have Xbox, “The Rock” immediately brought another gift for them. These were Hobbs & Shaw gaming stations. In the end, the children were also given a box of Johnson’s homemade cakes.

The children were obviously very excited and happy to meet Dwayne Johnson and get gifts.

Cameron said: “Today was absolutely incredible.”

Lucy and P.J. added: “I think I will remember this for a long time. It’s a dream come. ”

In the end, Dwayne also pointed out how happy he was because he made the day of this children happy:

“To spend time with P.J. and Cameron and little Lucy-just to see them smile and have a great time and bring a bit of joy in otherwise pretty challenging time is just very, very special. This kind of stuff is easy, it’s the best part of my fame. I’m lucky. “