Dwayne Johnson Talks About Success Of Jumanji

Source: deadline.com

The popularity that Dwayne Johnson currently enjoys is well deserved, and everything this man accomplished he did with a hard work and with his own two hands. This time he is reporting from the gym, one of the places where he spends huge amounts of time so he could look the way he does.

The video that The Rock posted talks about Jumanji and the success that it had all over the world. It is clear that almost all projects that have this guy on board will be major hits, this one received numerous praises from the audience which was supported by the great opening weekend.

Johnson talked about box office results for the Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle and said that it got the first position in many countries all over the world. Just prior to making this video he received a phone call that confirmed the great success of the latest project and the big man decided to share it with us immediately.

Source: WhatCulture.com

Just as always, Dwayne wanted to share great news and to show how grateful he is for all his fans and the crew that was involved in the filming of one of the best movies of the year. He continued by saying that Jumanji managed to get #1 position in Uk, Germany, Russia, France, entire Asia, Mexico, etc. Johnson continued by adding that next on the list are Australia, Brasil, and China where he will be coming during the next week to further promote this movie.

Here is what else did we get from his post on Instagram: “As always, my goal is for you to have the best time and most fun at the movies so this news is a direct reflection of just that. Awesome feeling. It’s why I happily put in the work. Merry Christmas, have FUN with the movie and THANK YOU. Merry Christmas!”