Dwayne Johnson: The Best Moments


Dwayne Johnson first tried to establish himself as a football player, and back in the 90s, he went by the nickname Dewey. However, after the Miami Hurricanes where he played as a defensive lineman, Johnson decided to join the family business – professional wrestling.


Both his father and his grandfather, Rocky Johnson and Peter Miavia were pro wrestlers, and although initially hated by the crowds, Johnson managed to get them to love him. He will always be remembered as The Rock.


The next step for DJ was to conquer Hollywood. He had his first big screen role in The Mummy Returns, and he starred in The Scorpion King in 2002. After that, he would appear in a lot of great movies such as San Andreas, The Fast and Furious franchise, etc.


Luckily, the actor didn’t play the tough guy in all the movies that he made. Dwayne displayed his set of talents in films such as Tooth Fairy and Moana. But Johnson is also the family man. He and his partner Lauren Hashian welcomed The Rock’s third daughter Tiana Gia in April, and the couple also has a 2-year-old daughter called Jasmine. From previous marriage with Dany Garcia, who is now The Rock’s manager, Johnson has a 16-year-old daughter Simone Alexandra.


Johnson is born for the silver screen. He has charisma and the muscles as well. The next film in which we will see him is Skyscraper that airs on July 13. Below, you can watch a short video about Johnson and his best moments. What is your favorite The Rock moment?